Deep Roots

The Humphrey Popcorn Company has delivered nostalgic memories and world-famous popcorn to Cleveland and beyond for over 120 years.

How it started
June 1893

Dudley Sherman Humphrey I opened his first popcorn stand on Public Square in Cleveland.

Euclid Beach Re-Imagined
Summer 1901

Dudley S. Humphrey II takes over management of Euclid Beach. Sideshows, gambling and alcohol were replaced with fresh entertainment and a wholesome, family-friendly atmosphere.

The Elysium - Indoor Ice-skating

In 1908, Dudley Humphrey II and his brothers built the Elysium, an indoor ice-skating rink on E. 107 St. and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland.

Milestone Title

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Food Network Feature
November 2000

Food Network’s show “Food Finds” featured the Humphrey operation as part of a holiday special in November 2000.

100 Years of Humphrey Popcorn

The Heights Theatre, a 26,000 sq ft, 1200 seat movie theatre was built, marking the beginning of what would become the first commercial idstrict in Cleveland Heights.

120-Year Anniversary
Summer 2017

2017 was marked by the 120-year anniversary of the Humphrey Company brining their nostalgic name, great memories and famous popcorn to Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and beyond!